New to California? Insight 2 Culture has what you need to transition well.


Our Founder is a 7th generation California with 17 years of experience helping international professionals and their families transition into living and working in Southern California. 

Take advantage of our wealth of local knowledge, resources and connections to find your place in the Golden State!

California Coaching package includes:

  • Career coaching
  • Communication coaching: public speaking, negotiations, language training/accent management, as needed
  • Insights into California lifestyle and business culture
  • Access to a wealth of resources and local connections

Moving Abroad ?


Relocation Coaching 

Our Relocation Coaching Package covers the following areas and can be combined with other packages for maximum benefits:

  • Settling into a new culture
  • Establishing a new work/life balance
  • Improving existing relationships and establishing new ones
  • Maintaining or changing careers within the expatriate environment