People often make the mistake of solely focusing on grammar, when they really need to learn how the culture communicates.

Insight 2 Culture sees language as a communication tool that reflects the way the culture views the world.


We offer a variety of language services that empower you to effectively communicate in English. Our goal is to help you “find your voice” using techniques that are innovative and practical.

Find Your Voice Coaching 

  • Customized Lessons Based on Your Needs
  • Conversational English Practice
  • Intuitive Grammar & Practical Vocabulary Building
  • Resources for Speaking with Confidence
  • Accent Management
  • Business English
  • Public Speaking & Presentation Training


shutterstock_397097197English not only helps you land a job, but is often essential if you want to move up the corporate ladder (the structure of power that’s common in large companies). Employees with good English usually can expect to make 25-35% more money than those without, so you’ll recover your investment very quickly!

Corporate English Language Training 

This training covers the language used in a global market. Participants learn the vocabulary of business, which can be further specialized by activity or industry. They also learn the language skills needed to conduct typical business functions such as sales negotiations or making a presentation in English. American English accent management is an integral part of this training as well. Practical insights and tools will be given to help participants improve their tone and intonation while speaking English. Participants will improve their overall English language ability while targeting areas that will help them achieve their goals at work.

*Our Language Packages can be combined with other packages for maximum benefits.