New to California? Let us help you settle in.

Insight 2 Culture has what you need to transition well.


Our Founder is a 7th generation California with 17 years of experience helping international professionals, students and their families transition into living and working in the Greater Los Angeles area & beyond.

Take advantage of our wealth of local knowledge, resources and connections to find your place in the City of Stars.

California Coaching package includes:

  • Career coaching
  • Language training/accent management
  • Insights into California lifestyle and business culture
  • Access to a wealth of resources and local connections

Moving Abroad ?


Relocation Coaching 

Our Relocation Coaching Package covers the following areas and can be combined with other packages for maximum benefits:

  • Settling into a new culture
  • Establishing a new work/life balance
  • Improving existing relationships and establishing new ones
  • Maintaining or changing careers within the expatriate environment