Doing business in the U.S. or working with an American colleague? Understanding the role of culture in professional and personal interactions is essential.


American culture can be a challenge to decipher, since many of the traditional cultural markers such as shared physical features, religion, customs, etc. are often missing or inconsistent.

Insight 2 Culture knows that the United States isn’t a formal culture as much as it is a set of ideas that the citizens subscribe to. 

Cracking the American Code Course

This engaging and interactive course will inform and educate participants about the ideas that make up the foundation of American society.

By learning about the influence of culture, those who participate in the course begin to deal with people with a sensitivity and understanding that may have previously been lacking.

Course covers:

  • The American Dream

  • Pursuit of Happiness

  • Land of the Free

  • Home of the Brave

  • Individualism

  • Egalitarianism

  • Diversity