Managing a global team? Insight 2 Culture can help. 

We have what you need to improve your team’s connection, communication and efficiency.


Global Team Training

This highly interactive training is customized and practical. It is designed to help prepare participants to address the challenges that happen in multi-cultural business environments. It provides a framework for understanding cultural differences and offers sound advice that can immediately be put into practice.

The training covers guidelines and tools for communicating across cultures, the skills needed for working together in a global marketplace, resources to navigate cross-cultural conflict/ negotiation and tips for working on virtual teams.

*Custom Retreats also available. Please contact us for more details.


Relocation Training for Teams

Includes our “Know Before You Go” Essentials:

  • Stages of Cultural Transition
  • Effective Integration Guidelines
  • Tips for Applying your Strengths Internationally
  • Country Insights
  • Team Preparation Kit

Just like an athlete trains to run a marathon, you will need to train yourself for a successful journey. Make no mistake, you have signed up for a journey, a pilgrimage, if you will. It will require your time, your energy and your focus. As one who has walked this “journey” before and has served as a guide to others along the path, may I offer a few words of advice? Read more here on our article on