Develop Cultural Intelligence

Cultural Intelligence is a new way of thinking about global effectiveness.


CQ the ability to effectively sort out the differences between personal dynamics, personality factors and cultural norms. It enables people to truly thrive in multicultural environments. 


Emotions don’t always translate across cultures. This is why cultural understanding is so important when trying to work and live cross-culturally or in diversity.

Insight 2 Culture offers CQ coaching and training to help you navigate the nuances of living in diversity.

Cultural Intelligence Coaching

As “the crown jewel” of our services, it incorporates key aspects of all our other trainings.This coaching gives you tools to discern what your core values are and how far you are able to flex.  We cover key concepts of effective integration and look for practical ways to apply this valuable knowledge both personally and professionally. It can be combined with other packages for maximum benefits.

Anyone preparing for a cross-cultural transition needs emotional and cultural intelligence training. Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is a mindfulness practice that encourages self-management and gives a framework for better social engagement. This skill coupled with cross-cultural knowledge helps one to become culturally intelligent.  Read more


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