Bridging cultures requires intention & attention.

Now more than ever the world needs to have real conversations about the problems we are facing. Often, our differences are a matter of perspective.

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Insight 2 Culture believes in the power of conversations to bridge divides and we are passionate about facilitating better ones.

Taking the the time to listen to each other, is the first step.

Cross-Cultural Perspective Training 

This highly interactive training is customized and practical. It provides you the skill set you need to build trust and establish relationships across cultures.It is designed to help prepare participants to address the communication challenges that happen in multi-cultural environments. It provides a framework for understanding cultural differences and offers sound advice that can immediately be put into practice.

By learning about the influence of culture, i.e. the hidden factors upon people’s behaviors, those who undertake cross-cultural training begin to deal with people with a sensitivity and understanding that may have previously been lacking.

The training covers the following topics:

  • Cross-cultural conflict management and perspective training
  • Intentional Listening Strategies to help facilitate better understanding
  • Guidelines and tools for communicating across cultures
  • Skills needed for working in a global marketplace

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*Our Cross-Cultural Packages can be combined with other packages for maximum benefits.