Develop Your Cultural Intelligence

Cultural Intelligence is a new way of thinking about global effectiveness. IQ +EQ=CQ CQ the ability to effectively sort out the differences between personal dynamics, personality factors and cultural norms. It enables people to truly thrive in multicultural environments.  Emotions don't always translate across cultures. This is why cultural understanding is so important when trying…Read more Develop Your Cultural Intelligence

Embrace Diversity

Insight 2 Culture believes in the power of conversations to BRIDGE DIVIDES and we are passionate about facilitating better ones, both privately and publicly. We offer Diversity & Inclusion / Unconscious Bias Training to help navigate an ever-changing world at home and abroad. Did you know that being around people who are different than you makes…Read more Embrace Diversity

Learn to Bridge

Bridging cultures requires intention & attention. Now more than ever the world needs to have real conversations about the problems we are facing. Often, our differences are a matter of perspective. Insight 2 Culture believes in the power of conversations to bridge divides and we are passionate about facilitating better ones. Taking the the time to listen to…Read more Learn to Bridge

Build an Effective Team

Managing a global team? Insight 2 Culture can help.  We have what you need to improve your team's connection, communication and efficiency. Global Team Training This highly interactive training is customized and practical. It is designed to help prepare participants to address the challenges that happen in multi-cultural business environments. It provides a framework for…Read more Build an Effective Team

Utilize Your Strengths

Insight 2 Culture believes your strengths are the lenses through which you see the WORLD. Learn to be intentional about leveraging them for your success! They are the language to live the life you were meant to. You are unique. You are powerful. Your strength lies in your talents. You sense them; you always have. But you've never been…Read more Utilize Your Strengths

Navigate a Global Market

If you are a leader in today's world, you have the complex task of navigating an ever-changing global marketplace. Let Insight 2 Culture provide you with the resources you need to address the challenges you face. Global Leadership Coaching Package This comprehensive coaching package is for global leaders who work for international or multinational companies.…Read more Navigate a Global Market

Find Your Voice

Understanding how a culture communicates is the key to success. Be empowered to effectively communicate in English and "find your voice" using techniques that are innovative and practical. Find Your Voice Coaching Public Speaking & Presentation Training Customized Lessons Based on Your Needs Accent Management Business English Public Speaking & Presentation Training Corporate Language Training  This…Read more Find Your Voice