Success Stories

We empower our clients to step out into the unknown…

Shannon is an extremely effective and inspiring coach. Her sincere passion to help others unlock their potential is superb. After three coaching sessions with Shannon, I have a better understanding of my strengths and am more aware of where my deficits lie.

I also learned that rather than trying to work hard to improve on my deficits, I should instead use my strengths to compensate for my weaknesses. I highly recommend Shannon to anyone looking to grow their strengths to a new level in their professional and personal life.

Joerg is a client from Germany who relocated to California with his family.


Shannon is a great coach. She really adapts to our specific needs with a tailor-made approach. As a teacher, she always displayed passion, creativity and dedication. 

She assisted our company in understanding American business culture, so we have been more successful in our business ventures. She also helped me to be integrated into American culture.

Alberto is a global executive from Spain who relocated to L.A. 

We’ve been living in the U.S. for almost half a year. We are in the process of learning how to adapt to our new life. We are also learning how to deal with the difficulties and variety of emotions that happen during each stage of cultural transition. Even if you’ve been studying English for years, the roller coaster of this transition period causes you to discover that, you don’t know anything until you have to live your daily life in a new culture. Learning to truly understand the culture is the key. IT IS ALL ABOUT THAT! If you want to have a good conversation, be successful in a corporate career, have fun, meet people, travel and enjoy new places, cultural knowledge is essential!

Shannon has been helping us to overcome the difficulties of navigating cultural transition by teaching us much more than just language. She is helping us to figure out the little things, like enjoying our journey, being happy, trusting in our strengths, finding our voice and our place in this new life. She has offered support so we can reach our professional and personal goals. We’ve been learning with her how to prioritize the next steps so we are not overwhelmed. We have also gained more clarity, confidence, motivation and emotional intelligence to deal with this big cultural challenge! 

Maira & Eduardo are Brazilian clients living and working in California.


Alba is a client from Spain who lives and works in New York. This picture represents what she has learned to do while living in the US.

I’m a student of English who was lost when I first met Shannon. I’m from Spain and I have studied English for many years. I was working on my Final Degree Project when my teacher asked me to participate in a conference. Of course, my answer was,” Why not?”. But I had never spoken in front of hundreds of people, and especially not in in English. “Where do I start?”, was my first question. I was exceedingly fortunate because she helped me to prepare the whole presentation, and I felt confident and happy when I did it.

She taught me to speak to people at my best.  I learned how to express what I do at my job in an engaging way. I have started to use vocabulary that I knew, but had never used, when I am speaking. I also I learned new words that are useful in my field. She is very professional because I reached my goals with her. Nowadays, Shannon is more than a teacher to me, she is my friend. When I visited my family in L.A. last summer, we spent a nice morning, had an awesome cup of coffee and she showed me the city.

Mari Luz is client who works and studies in Spain.


On my expat journey, I learned:

Who I am,
To be more flexible,
To be imperfect,
To parent under any circumstance,
To enjoy the little and the BIG things,
To respect myself,
To not be embarrassed about not being understood,
To make decisions quickly,
To be patient with myself,
To find my voice,
And that life is a process.

MªAngeles is a client from Spain who lived in New York for 3 years.

Everyone gets culture shock. It’s normal. It’s healthy. It’s unavoidable. It’s also funny and annoying and depressing and depleting and confusing and sneaky. Sometimes you are having culture shock even when you don’t realize it. A HUGE part of our adaptation in the culture shock process is coming to terms with this. There is more than one way to do most things. Even though my culture’s way of doing things seems obviously right to me, it may not be right for everyone or the only right way.Here’s something I’ve learned after living in Korea for almost nine years.

Some of the things that drive me crazy about Korean culture are strengths, if seen from a different perspective. For example, Koreans tend to make plans quickly and to change plans quickly. As a Westerner, I really value long-term, stable planning. But I have also learned that this Korean flexibility (which drives me crazy) is also one of the key strengths which has allowed Korea to grow so quickly and to adapt so well to a rapidly changing global environment. 

Josh is an American who served as a pastor of a multicultural church in South Korea for six years.


Shannon is such a wonderful teacher. I was lucky to meet her right after I moved to the United State. I was struggling with English and communicating with local people. She helped me to integrate into the new environment very fast. She made me feel like learning English was much easier and more interesting than I had imagined. I loved and enjoyed every single class with her.

She also had wide knowledge of European and Asian culture that she brought into her lessons. Shannon is truly a talented English teacher. I highly recommend her to any foreign students who not only want to learn English but also learn about the new culture. Thank you, Shannon, for helping me to be confident to communicate in English. It was the key to bringing me new opportunities and enjoying my life in this great country.

Binh Vu is a client and architect from Vietnam who relocated to California.

I have learned many important aspects about life but among all there is a salient one: learn languages. Speaking other languages is a lot of fun: you can not only discover the world from a different point of view but you can also learn a lot about yourself. It might also get you closer to your dream job, or if you are adventurous, why not combine the best values of your culture and the one of your host country and set up a company, for example!

Many wonderful people have helped me so far to become the person I am today, and some of them I got to know abroad. It has been two amazing years since I decided to move and study in Spain. I have never regretted it, not even for a single moment. 

Akos is a Hungarian PhD student who is studying abroad in Spain.

Wanderlust is an affliction I was born with. I’m only now beginning to understand that there is no cure. With my other natural desires there is a correlation between the object and satisfaction. I’m hungry and food satiates that desire. I’m thirsty and water quenches my thirst. However, my appetite to travel is insatiable, and the more I travel, the more my hunger grows.

Spells of loneliness in a new country, long bouts of homesickness, language frustration, and food aversion are only weak and short-lived antidotes for my unshakable passion to explore. Soon strangers become kindred spirits, the maze of streets and bizarre rituals become familiar, and the most peculiar of foods have become my comfort foods.

Shannon Nicole, is one of those kindred spirits I am so fortunate to have met along the way. We met abroad while my living and work situation was chaotic and unpredictable. Shannon was consistently a breath of fresh air to be around. She is an honest and insightful soundboard to discuss ideas and feelings. I’ve known her for over a decade and know her to be a person steadfast in her passion and commitments.

Kaela Anne is a Canadian who lived abroad with her husband in South Korea &  Japan for three years.