Changed Lives

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Nikki, Senior Director of Engagement for American Red Cross, Los Angeles Region :

Our selection of Shannon Nicole as a retreat consultant was based on personality and fit with a millennial team who, as individuals, are learning who they are and what they can do in the context of traditional non-profit environment.  Shannon not only met the core needs with an organized agenda, price, and geography but most importantly she brought a facilitative style that was soft yet direct, honest, and caring, with insight that illuminated our understanding in where and why challenges exist in working styles.

Shannon availed herself prior to the session – by phone, Skype, and at the team dinner the evening prior – to observe and get to know the team.  Accordingly, she tailored her approach for the following day’s activities.  She brought a fresh breath of knowledge, cultural insights, and sensitivity to our team’s effort to better working relationships but most importantly learn about ourselves and the values each brings to the table.

Shannon quickly assessed personalities, skills, potential conflicts, and team and personal dynamics for a retreat that will not soon be forgotten. I highly recommend her for her friendliness and flexibility as a StrengthFinder consultant.

Alberto is a global executive vice president from Spain who relocated to L.A. :

Shannon is a great coach. She really adapts to our specific needs with a tailor-made approach. As a teacher, she always displayed passion, creativity and dedication. She assisted our company in understanding American business culture, so we have been more successful in our business ventures. She also helped me to be integrated into American culture. 

Joerg is a technology strategist from Germany who relocated to California with his family :

Shannon is an extremely effective and inspiring coach. Her sincere passion to help others unlock their potential is superb. After three coaching sessions with Shannon, I have a better understanding of my strengths and am more aware of where my deficits lie. I also learned that rather than trying to work hard to improve on my deficits, I should instead use my strengths to compensate for my weaknesses. I highly recommend Shannon to anyone looking to grow their strengths to a new level in their professional and personal life. 

Maira & Eduardo are Brazilian professionals living and working in California :

We’ve been living in the U.S. for almost half a year. We are in the process of learning how to adapt to our new life. We are also learning how to deal with the difficulties and variety of emotions that happen during each stage of cultural transition. Learning to truly understand the culture is the key. IT IS ALL ABOUT THAT! If you want to have a good conversation, be successful in a corporate career, have fun, meet people, travel and enjoy new places, cultural knowledge is essential! Shannon has been helping us to overcome the difficulties of navigating cultural transition by teaching us much more than just language. She is helping us to figure out the little things, like enjoying our journey, being happy, trusting in our strengths, finding our voice and our place in this new life. She has offered support so we can reach our professional and personal goals. We’ve been learning with her how to prioritize the next steps so we are not overwhelmed. We have also gained more clarity, confidence, motivation and emotional intelligence to deal with this big cultural challenge! 

Alba is a project manager from Spain who lives and works in New York. This picture represents what she has learned to do as a result of cultural intelligence coaching :


MªAngeles is a human resource specialist from Spain who lived in New York. Below is a poem she wrote at the end of her cultural transition coaching :

On my expat journey, I learned:

Who I am,
To be more flexible,
To be imperfect,
To parent under any circumstance,
To enjoy the little and the BIG things,
To respect myself,
To not be embarrassed about not being understood,
To make decisions quickly,
To be patient with myself,
To find my voice,
And that life is a process.

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